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True Compassion Flows through E8PA

True Compassion Flows through E8PA

E8PA Program


Everything for Enagic Families

I, Hironari Ohshiro, was born in Sedake of Nago City. I have been offering a product and providing a patented 8-point business model for over 25 years now. Enagic has been reaching out to the world with mission of spreading True Health (Physical Health, Financial Health and Health of Mind)and our valued distributors have changed the lifestyle of many people across the globe. Ten years ago, I purchase a large land here in Sedake and I decided to establish the E8PA facility on this land for our global Enagic Family.
We would like to implement E8PA Membership. This membership can only be joined by Enagic distributors who already have a distributor ID and are drinking Kangen Water. This facility can be used freely to learn about Enagic’s philosophy and to utilize all the programs offered by E8PA. This global family of true health will continue to grow, bringing prosperity to our valued distributors and hopefully contributing to world peace.

E8PA Membership CARD


E8PA members who recently visit the E8PA facility.


Enagic Sedake Country Club

Where Pacific waves wash onto the OuraBay from a distance, E8PA Resort & Training Center is located on the hilly terrain of Yanbaru, overlooking the sea, known as the home of the dugong (mantees) . Enjoy your first round basking in Okinawa's natural environment!

Enagic Bowl Mihama

Enagic Bowl, located in Chatan, has 36 lanes, 200 lockers, and offers a variety bowling goods! For kids, we have light-sized (5lbs) balls and lane bumpers available in all of our lanes; and cute chameleon slopes which offer throwing support for the little ones. Our facility is equipped with QUBICA AMF`s HPL Synthetic Lane System with auto score recording and 300 action graphic animations to add to the fun! Take advantage of our meeting room for tournament award ceremonies and other private events. There is also a food court for snacks and drinks to satisfy your stomach and Free Wi-Fi service for your enjoyment.


Enagic Natural Hot Spring Aroma

A natural hot spring spa and open-air bath with an authentic Japanese garden located in Ginowan, Okinawa.
The spa consists of high-quality water welled from 1300m under sea level.
Come experience our various baths to rejuvenate your body and soul!



About E-point

Kangen Water or Kangen Ukon account holders can earn points just by purchasing the E8PA card. Also receive points from your down-line (within 8-points) and group (6A2 and above) sales!
***As part of the E8PA membership program, all E8PA cardholders will be eligible for E8PA member pricing & commission of Anespa, Super501 and Ukon products effectively on April 3rd, 2017.

E-points can be redeemed for travel expense (transportation, lodging, meals, etc.) for trips to Okinawa and Osaka to visit our Enagic Facilities, and for trips to attend the Enagic Global Convention and Meetings worldwide.
Conversion rate: 1,000 E-Points = USD1.00 or JPY100

Also, you can grant your E-points to serve as a partial down payment upon the purchase of a Kangen Water Machine by anyone within your own downline team. When anyone new in your team comes into Enagic (they don’t have to be your direct recruit!), you can donate a 10% down payment in the form of your E-points toward their purchase.
And you will be implementing your E-points in a truly compassionate manner, paying it forward so that OTHERS can join the success you’ve enjoyed!

・The donation of E-points per unit is fixed at the following rate.

Device Allowable points contribution
K8 500,000 ($500)
SD501 380,000 ($380)
SD501P 430,000 ($430)
JRIV 300,000 ($300)
LeveLuk R 200,000 ($200)
Super501 600,000 ($600)
SD501U 500,000 ($500)
Anespa DX 300,000 ($300)

  • Valid for one year from date purchased
  • Card can only be used by the registered owner
  • Card may not be lent nor rented and is non-transferrable
  • If lost or stolen, please contact
  • Card is not a debit nor credit card

Membership Renewal

By renewing your E8PA Card before expiration date, you will receive a special Bonus E-Points, depending on the card type:
・Black Card: 1,600,000P (US$1,600)
・Platinum Card: 1,200,000P (US$1,200)
・Gold Card: 800,000P (US$800)
・Silver Card: 400,000P (US$400) *
・Bronze Card: 200,000P (US$200) *
* Bonus points are only applicable for single payment renewals.
To renew your membership please fill in the application below and return to the Enagic Office in your area.

E8PA Membership Registration Form E8PA Membership Registration Form(US)


463-3 Sedake, Nago-City, Okinawa, Japan
TEL: +81 980-51-9120
FAX: +81 980-51-9121

For more information, please contact your corresponding branch.


We have just started providing Online 8-Point Sales Report / 6A Group Sales Report Service to Enagic distributors who own the E8PA Card. With this new service, you can check your updated 8-Point Sales Report / 6A Group Sales Report with your PC, Tablet or Smartphone anytime and anywhere.
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Please click on the link below to see instruction manual for the service for your reference.
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The Online 8-Point Sales Report / 6A Group Sales Report Service is available for E8PA Cardholders only.
Get your card today and take another step forward to success and prosperity!
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E8PA Membership Registration Form(US)